Download the Introduction to Angular 2 eBook by! A free Angular 2 eBook to help you with Angular 2 trainingAngular 2 - eBook
Angular 2 - eBook

Rangle's Angular 2 Training Book

Learn How Angular 2 Builds Powerful Apps



AngularJS is now the leading open source JavaScript application framework for hundreds of thousands of developers around the world. This extensive training book, created in-house by Rangle’s team of JavaScript experts, covers the most important Angular 2 topics including how to get started with the Angular 2 toolchain and write scalable and maintainable Angular 2 applications.


If you find this training book useful, you may also be interested in joining Rangle’s upcoming Angular 2 online training courses for hands-on, interactive learning. If you’d like to further upgrade your skills or learn how your company can transition to Angular 2 technology and workflows, Rangle offers custom, in-office training. Contact us today to book your custom training session.


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