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How to Build Better Products with App Analytics and Redux Beacon

Presented by Thomas Marek, Software Developer
THURSDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2017 | 1pm - 2pm EST

With this webinar geared toward decision makers, developers, and product managers, you’ll learn to implement better analytics to make data-driven decisions at each stage of your app’s life cycle. A core part of Lean methodology is the Build-Measure-Learn loop, and there’s no better way to measure at each stage, than with analytics. Today’s analytics are proven to help developers and digital marketers alike gain a deeper understanding of an app’s entire user experience.


Covered in this webinar: 
  • Explore the importance of analytics and the role they play in modern agile software development.
  • Understand and evaluate popular analytics services today, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager,, and Adobe Marketing Cloud.
  • Learn how to easily implement analytics using our new open source library, Redux-Beacon.


Key topics and lessons:
  • Fundamentals of the Build-Measure-Learn philosophy.

  • How to use analytics to build a product.

  • How to track analytics in a single page app.


Target audience:

Decision makers, developers, and product managers interested in analytics as a tool for building and improving their web and mobile apps.