The Key to Scaling Single Page Applications, Micro Frontends
Doug Riches, VP, Architecture & Innovation
Tim Ludikar, Director, Architecture & Innovation
Date & TIme
June 27th, 2018 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT | ONLINE, FREE

It’s time to break up your frontend monolith application.

As web browsers continue to become increasingly powerful, so do web applications. Frontends continue to grow in size and scale. Many single page apps (SPAs) become increasingly large, and face challenges of scalability, delivery and quality. Challenges often faced by enterprises include:

Trouble and delays in deploying new features

Numerous abstraction layers which affect scalability

Multiple teams working on one codebase - reducing speed

Technology stack limitations

Delay in value being offered to customers

This webinar will highlight how enterprises can solve problems of scalability, innovation and delivering customer value by deploying micro frontends. As well as how to get started writing micro frontend applications.

Topics include:

How to reshape frontend applications utilizing the techniques already used in microservices architecture

Shipping new features as they are built, independently of other teams

Working with multiple frontend frameworks

Utilize W3C web components for cross platform sharing of code

Verticalizing efforts from backend to front end. Eliminate tight coupling of your application’s features

Formulating cross-functional feature driven teams vs technical teams