Working With Rangle

Partner with North America’s leading digital transformation consultancy specializing in front-end JavaScript development services and solutions.

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How We Work

Here at Rangle, we adhere to the Scrum framework of Agile software development, which focuses on rapid release cycles. We also follow Lean principles, which focus on providing maximum value in minimal time.

Following this Lean/Agile approach, we develop and release business-critical improvements to your platform within weeks of project kickoff.


How We Ensure Quick & Complete Solutions

  • Incremental Work

    Agile is focused on small features developed and released in weeks instead of months. This means you will always have working software available to launch and test with your customers, allowing us to get you to market faster.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous delivery is "the ability to get changes of all types into the hands of users safely and quickly in a sustainable way." Our process results in fundamentally complete features released to production in an average time of three days.

  • Adaptability

    We can start working before your requirements are even finalized. Being Lean means we focus on the most valuable items first, while being Agile means it's easy for us to pivot as requirements change.

  • Flexibility

    Our nimble process allows us to effectively work remotely with clients, which many service firms struggle to do well. We get the job done fast whether you're across the country or south of the border.



How We Work Remotely With Clients

Rangle is one of the largest JavaScript consultancies in the world. With over 120 delivery consultants in one office, we can form a synergistic team to work with you virtually on-demand. Having our team entirely co-located also enables us to effectively work remotely with clients all over the United States - whether we are providing training, consulting or development - to get your product to market faster. 

An individual project team - the lead, QA, developers, and designers - sit together for the duration of a project, which fosters a collaborative, communicative atmosphere that keeps the project moving forward.

Our office is centrally located in the heart of Toronto's burgeoning tech scene. Being no more than a six-hour flight to major American cities, we can easily send critical team members for onsite meetings, while our developers continue working on your project at our head office.


How We Collaborate Successfully

Continuous delivery radically enhances risk management and collaboration with clients. Frequent delivery of software simplifies requirements by focusing the conversation on working software and continuously giving feedback on how well the process is working. We only work this way, and we’ve successfully partnered with dozens of companies, often starting our collaboration within a few weeks of our first conversation.